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Reis Iaconetti-Bush

Owner and woodworker

Born and raised in Whistler, Reis has been surrounded by talented craftsmen. His late grandfather grew up on a family mill and introduced Reis' father to woodworking which was then passed down to him at a very young age. Helping his family with renovations, cutting and milling trees over 100ft tall and helping out as a handy man around the family home, Reis developed into a talented craftsman. After attending University, Reis decided to channel his passion as a woodworker in hopes to share his ancestral skills as a craftsman and his unique eye working with the natural elements in which he was raised.

Clare Hendriks

Co-owner and Artist

Clare is our very talented Born and Raised Whistler Local artist. After Graduating from graphic design school in Vancouver B.C, Clare returned home to follow her passion in the outdoors and to be with her family and friends. Clare has always had a wild spirit and has a natural talent when it comes to creativity. Since being in her youth, Clare surrounded herself with creativity whether it be intricate dream catchers or unique handcrafted gifts for her loved ones. We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful and talented person on our team with such passion, creativity and knowledge in the field.

Myrna and Todd Bush

Quality Assurance Manager

Bringing wisdom and support, Myrna and Todd have helped make this dream come to a reality. Without these two incredible people, this operation would not be where it is now. Thank you.

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Whistler, British Columbia

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